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Welcome to our Peternity family. We are a small, caring group who are dedicated to honoring and celebrating the love you share with your pets. Peternity.com was founded in 2003 by Colleen Mihelich, and was born out of a need to find a valuable vocation, a lifetime of understanding of deep grief, and a love for animals. Each of us has been touched by the loss of a beloved pet and understands the heartache of that loss.

We are continually looking for unique, handcrafted pieces of art to express your love, joy and memories. Our standards are high. We search for items of the finest quality and workmanship. Whether it is a beautiful, hand turned wooden urn or a stunning glass memorial keepsake box, each piece has been lovingly crafted and personalized by the hands of an artist.

Your thoughts and questions are welcomed. Our goal is to provide memorial items and comfort that are not only of the highest quality, but also with the most personal significance. So, if there is something you don’t see here that would have meaning for you, please let us know and we’ll gladly explore your idea.

Colleen Mihelich
Founder and Creative Director

Colleen MihelichColleen Mihelich is an animal lover, pet loss expert and the founder of www.Peternity.com, an organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring the love we share with our pets. She has helped thousands of pet lovers create meaningful memorials for their pets, and she has authored many articles on dealing with pet grief. The Peternity brand enables pet lovers to create the perfect memorial for their dearly departed pets, and to do it with compassion, respect and sincerity.

Whether the pet is a horse, dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, snake, emu, mountain lion, or a tiny mouse, Peternity believes that all pets deserve the very best in our last tributes to them. Mihelich has a special gift for finding the most talented artists to create works of beauty and elegance to mark the passage of our pets to the next "place." She enjoys doing something in our lives that bring us deep spiritual and emotional satisfaction. This means doing something meaningful for other people.

“To ease someone else's pain or to bring a genuine smile to someone else's face is what makes me happiest. I get to do this every day with Peternity,” Mihelich said.

In addition to grief support, a virtual pet memorial and image library, books, prayers, poetry, and references for pet care providers, Peternity offers hundreds of pet memorial products. Pet lovers will find pet memorial items ranging from pet grave markers or pet urns to biodegradable pet urns, or pet headstones. The website also offers pet keepsake jewelry, custom pet art, pet sculpture and pet keepsake boxes, among many other pet memorial items.

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animal sheltersROMEO!  Our little lover boy. He's a malte-poo that we rescued from the streets and he could not be a more perfect dog for our family. He's SO funny, full of life, amazing with our children.

bobo-pretty-3inch.jpgBOBO Our sweet family pooch. We rescued him from the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue in the fall of 2008 and lost him in the spring of 2009. He was a sweet old guy - gentle as gentle could be. We lost him to cancer and he's still alive on our hearts. Our two children still include him as a family member in their nightly prayers.

horse memorialPEPPER This is me, Colleen, at 16, with my Quarterhose Pepper. She was a dear companion to me and the first pet that I lost. Her death was sudden and unexpected. It was a day like any other day. I went out to ride her, hang out with her, groom her and feed her. It was a gorgeous spring day and we had had a good ride. But after I took off the saddle and started brushing her she was wincing at my touch. It was so strange. If I just touched her with my fingertip, she would wince. I walked her into the barn and let her stand in the cool air for a bit. But still, anywhere that I touched her she winced. Then I noticed that her feet kept moving further and further beneath her, and closer and closer together. We called the veterinarian and my dad met him without my knowing because he thought that it didn't sound good. I guess he was trying to protect me. It turned out that Pepper had a very rare muscle disorder usually only found in Quarter horses. The vet had never seen a case of it, but had learned about it in Veterinary school. Because at that time the closest medical horse facility was 2 hours away in Libertyville, IL, the only alternative was to put her down. There was no way that she could have ridden in a trailer with the weakness in her legs and the pain she would have felt if she had fallen against the sides of the horse trailer. The following day was my Senior Prom, so my Dad decided to wait to tell me until the day after the dance. He knew that it would crush me and spoil this big event that I had looked so forward to. It sure did crush me, but at least I got to have some fun before hearing the terrible news. It was shocking and I miss her still to this day. She was very special.