Do you work in the animal care field? A veterinary office, animal shelter or pet rescue? Are you burnt out or approaching burnout? You're not alone. There is a new awareness growing among people whose work is caring for animals and it is called Compassion Fatigue.

The Cost of Caring
An insightful video to help understand Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue is common for anyone working in a veterinary office, an animal shelter, animal control or any type of rescue organization. The sheer volume of animals that you work with who need love, care and compassion can be overwhelming. From exposure to euthanasias to animal abuse and animal abandonment, it can all just become too much.

For a more in depth explanation and signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, read this article


Would you like to bring Compassion Fatigue support services into your practice for your staff?

Inspired Care Consultation ServicesTM

KaLee R. Pasek, DVM, Credential in Veterinary Family Practice and Dr. Kathleen Ayl, PhD, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist have developed an extraordinary program specifically for veterinary office staffs in Southern California.

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A Service dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Compassion Fatigue and Pet Loss Support.

Animals in Our Hearts

Teresa Wagner provides a wealth of information, compassion and resources on her website for those looking for support with compassion fatigue