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Gift cards for a grieving pet lover are the perfect way to show you care and still allow your friend or family member the ability to design their most special piece personally with us.

All gift cards can be either emailed or mailed with your message of condolences.


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Pet Sympathy Gift Cards

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Pet Wellness

Although we are honored to be here for you during the most difficult part of pet ownership - laying your pet to rest, we want to do all that we can to help promote the health and well being of your pets. We believe that pet health insurance is necessary to s


Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet Photo Jewelry and Pet Photo Keepsake Gallery

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Your most loved photos are cropped and edited by our talented artist, Fran, to become keepsakes you can treasure forever. Your submitted photo is encased in waterproof resin and fashioned into items like those shown in the gallery below.

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