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Churches Respond to Spiritual Needs of Dogs

As part of a new and growing trend, a Los Angeles church recently opened their doors to dogs needing spiritual guidance. Called the Canines at Covenant Service, Reverend Tom Eggebeen is offering these special services at Covenant Presbyterian Church. The services come complete with dog beds, a special series of prayers for canines, and dog treats. The service lasts for thirty minutes and canine's and their owners are able to worship together.

Peternity Pet Memorials and Pet Wellness Articles

Informative articles for the support of pet loss and the wellness of your animal companions.

Pets Weekly

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Peternity Partners

With the goal of suporting pet rescue, pet shelter and to promote pet adoptions, Peternity is partnered with these companies. We donate a percentage of our profits to both organizations.


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Contribute your favorite animal related saying, poem, prayer or piece of verse. We love to hear new ones! You can simply email it to us.



A site dedicated to loss - both human and animal with some wonderful pointers and assistance.  Peternity hearts LOVE LIVES ON:

An AMAZING organization that provides healing therapy to various communities using therapy animals.  Peternity hearts PAWS FOR PEOPLE :):

Animal and Pet Rescue Organization Donations

Peternity donates a percentage of sales to different struggling animal rescue group or shelter each month. Here is a list of other organizations you can make a donation to in honor and memory of your pet.

If you would like your organization to be added to this page, please email us at . Thank you.


This is a collection of books that we have found to be helpful both for our ourselves and for our visitors and customers. We hope that you will find some words of comfort and help in your healing process. Scroll down further to find books for guiding children through grief.

Pet Loss and Grieving


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