Peternity Partners

With the goal of suporting pet rescue, pet shelter and to promote pet adoptions, Peternity is partnered with these companies. We donate a percentage of our profits to both organizations.


Pet Paw Print Stones


Prayers and Poems

Contribute your favorite animal related saying, poem, prayer or piece of verse. We love to hear new ones! You can simply email it to us.


Acknowledgements – Sympathy Gifts for a Grieving Heart -
Plant a tree in Celebration Forest! When you wish to recognize a special event such as a wedding, birth, anniversary, holiday, or the passing of a loved one or family pet, Celebration Forest will plant a memorial tree on a protected forest preserve and dedicate it in honor of the occasion. It is the perfect gift that will last a lifetime!

Animal and Pet Rescue Organization Donations

Peternity donates a percentage of sales to different struggling animal rescue group or shelter each month. Here is a list of other organizations you can make a donation to in honor and memory of your pet.

If you would like your organization to be added to this page, please email us at . Thank you.

Press Room

Personalized Blankets

Dog lovers, cat lovers, horses, birds, rabbits, ferrets or hamsters! Whatever your favorite pet is, we have the perfect blanket for you. Curl up to read or watch TV in one of our cozy personalized pet blankets. We have one for your pet too!

Snuggle up into a blanket of cozy cotton with a picture of your beloved pet wrapped around you, or wrap a lush chenille throw around you with words of affection discreetly embroidered in the corner.

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Picture Blanket


Peternity Media Kit

The Peternity Brand    

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