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Peternity News Facts

  • Peternity is a website and community dedicated to celebrating the love of our pets, both livng and passed.
  • Peternity was founded and created by Colleen Mihelich in Brea, CA in 2003
  • Peternity provides grief support, pet memorial products, and pet products for living pets.
  • All of the products offered by Peternity are hand crafted by artisans in North America
  • In a May 2008 customer survey, 97% of respondents reported that receiving their memorial item helped them to move forward to a new stage in their grieving process.
  • KidoodlyrocksTM are a proprietary product of Peternity that help children through the grieving process
  • Peternity products range in price from $20 to $3,500.
  • Compassionate service and artisan quality products are the cornerstones of the Peternity brand
  • If you would like a sample of a particular product, contact Colleen Mihelich. (Not available for all products.)