Decorate and personalize your garden with a family stone, pawprint or horseshoe stones or our best selling "Rule Rocks", avalable for almost every dog, cat, horse or bird breed.


"Pets Rule" Rocks


Pets Rule Rock

Arizona Flagstone


flagstone pet memorial marker

Family Stones


Three Rivers Family Stone

Gold Quartz Pet Memorial


Gold Quartz Pet Memorial Stone

Quartz Petite Size Pet Memorial Stones


Gold Quartz Petite Pet Memorial Stone

Bluestone Pet Grave Marker


bluestone pet grave marker

River Rock Pet Grave Marker


river rock pet grave marker

Pet Memorial Cross


pet memorial cross

Horseshoe Stones


River Rock Horseshoe Stones - set of 3

Luxe Pet Paw Print Stones


Gold and Silver Pet Paw Print Garden Stones

Pet Paw Print Stones


Pet Paw Print Stones