These handmade pet keepsake jewelry pieces are the perfect way to keep the spirit of your dear pet close to your heart. The cremains of your pet can be incorporated in interesting ways into most of these pieces, and others bloom into new life when planted.   

Handmade jewelry makes a great gift. Each piece continues to serve as a gentle reminder of the love and friendship of our passed friends.

Lasting Memory Cremains Bead


Pet Memorial Pet Cremains Bead - Red

Memory Bead Pet Memorial Necklace


Pet Cremains Bead

Memory Bead Pet Memorial Suncatcher


Pet Cremains Memorial Beads

Pet Memorial Bracelet


Pet Memorial Bracelet

Perfect Memory Cremains Beads


Perfect Memory Bracelet Cremains Glass Pet Memorial Bead

Swirling Galaxy Pet Cremains Pendant


Light Pink Pet Cremains Pendant

Pet Memorial Charm Bracelet


Pet Memorial Photo Charm Bracelet

Pet Memorial Photo Charms


Pet Memorial Photo Charms - Text Option

Pet Memorial Single Photo Bracelet


Pet Memorial Photo Bracelet

Pet Memorial Single Photo Necklace


Pet Memorial Photo Necklace

Angel Wings Necklace


Eternity Pet Memorial Necklace