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Pet Tags

We all want to keep our pets safe and sound with a pet ID tag. Now you have the opportunity of creating something not only functional, but really stylish too.

Browse through our handstamped pet ID tags to create a one of a kind look for your friend. With a variety of metals, fonts, shapes and sizes, you're sure to create a pet ID tag with some personality.


One of our most popular styles
Copper Heart Pet ID Tag
Love on a Tag
A Dogwood Tree bloom for your doggy
Green with Indie Pet ID Tag
A Stylish Bead Pet Tag
K is for Kyle Pet ID Tag
Choose any letter to be embossed
In Aluminum or Copper
A two-toned pet ID tag
Art on a pet tag
For your best ranch hand
Include your address
3/4" Studio Pet ID Tag
Available in 2 sizes
Bohemian style pet tag