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Our picture blankets are knitted in recycled cotton from your actual photographs. Any photograph will work. You can submit either color photos or black and white, recent or old family pictures.  While any photograph can be knitted into a blanket, we recommend for the best results a clear focused photograph. Our intention is to produce the highest quality product possible with your picture on it.

Digital Photographs
In general your digital camera is set at 72dpi. These photographs work great as long as the size has not been altered in your photographic editing software. If you have reduced the size of the photo for printing purposes, please provide us with a minimum of a 200dpi image. We are able to accept a wide range of files like: jpeg, tiff, pdf, eps, and raw.

Scanned Photographs
Please submit your scanned photos at 300dpi. Save your scan as a jpeg and upload it on the order page or email it to It’s as easy as that.

We knit your picture into our blankets in two available colors. Please choose black & white or sepia tones during the ordering process. Both colors are in our recycled cotton. 

Washing Instructions
Your picture blanket is pre-shrunk as part of the knitting process. Feel free to machine wash warm and tumble dry on medium heat. There will be no shrinking of the recycled cotton and this product is made to last for generations.

Blankets are shipped UPS ground from 2 to 3 weeks from the receipt of your order. Please allow for a little extra time around the Christmas holiday. Allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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