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Your pet meant so much to you. Now, he or she has passed away and you've chosen cremation. You want to show the loyalty, the affection, and the countless hours spent together will always be cherished. We're here to help you decide the best option for YOU.  

Perhaps some of the questions below have come to mind. Read through our expert advice, browse our FAQ's and if you still have some question, simply contact us and we'll be happy to help you personally.


1.  I received a basic pet urn when my pet's ashes were returned to me.  It is nice but it isn't very unique.  What can I do to make it special?
Some veterinary offices are kind enough to arrange private cremations and the return of your pet's ashes or cremains. Many pet crematoriums include a small wood box or sometimes a metal tin to hold your pet's cremains.  Here's a few recommendations on how you can bring some peace and warmth to what can sometimes seem a sterile transaction.

- Choose a cremains bag to securely hold your pet's cremains within the urn or add a cremains bag with a unique, hand-stamped metal tag with your pet's name and dates on earth attached by a ribbon.

- If you are displaying your pet urn, create a small personalized photo plaque to set next to it on your mantle, shelf, or side table. We have granite photo pet memorial stones that are 1" thick and as small as 4"x7" that you can order with an attractive display stand

- If your pet's cremains were returned to you in a tin that isn't anything you would want to display, browse our artisan crafted pet urns for a unique urn you can transfer your pet's cremains into and display not only in memory of your pet but as an attractive piece of art. 

- Coming soon!  If your urn has a smooth surface, we can engrave a metal plate which can be adhered to the top or side of your urn. The engraving would be of a photo of your pet along with personalization such as their name and dates on earth.


2. I don't know what to do with my pet's cremains. I don't want to discard them but urns can be very traditional.  I'd rather celebrate the life we shared together. What options do I have?
We'd recommend a non-traditional urn option.  Here's a few choices.

- Photo Keepsake Box: Keepsake boxes can hold your pet's cremains and other cherished keepsakes but isn't the shape or style of a traditional urn.

- Hand-Painted Pet Urns: Ceramic artist Pam Sinclair creates beautiful urns from a photo of your pet. Or, use an actual photo upon an urn. They are customizable in lots of ways and you can add text too. Click here for dog urns, cat urns, or other hand thrown ceramic urns.


3. My animal companion was well over 50 pounds.  I find larger urns can be too expensive for my budget.  What can I do?
This can be a challenge if your dog was a large breed and can be even more of a challenge if you are looking for options for a horse, a donkey, or other large pet. One pound of live weight is held in about 1 cubic inch of space, once it has become cremains.  So if your pet was quite large, sometimes the pet urn needed is either too expensive or something larger than you're comfortable displaying in your home. We have two recommendations that are very nice options.

- If you've chosen cremation, it may be because state laws forbid burying your friend on your property. However, when the cremains are returned to you, you can choose a special area in your yard to lay your friend's cremains to rest in the ground. Then, create a pet memorial stone for your yard. We have many, many unique garden stones that will add beauty and grace to your pet's final resting place.

- If you choose to bury your pet's cremains, another economical option is to place small garden stones in your yard in remembrance. We have paw print stones, horseshoe stones, and a whimsical combiniation of footprints and paw or horseshoes

- Another option is to scatter your pet's cremains in a special place. This could be a park you always walked through, a special place in the yard that had particularly fine sunshine, a trail you rode regularly, or simply a peaceful place. Then, keep a small portion of your pet's cremains to be held in a small keepsake size urn.  We also have many pet urns that are in the 4"-6" range that would also be a great size for holding a token keepsake. This is also something you can do if you bury your pet's cremains as described above. 

4. We know that at some point we will have to lay our horse of many years to rest and it will be on our property when the time comes.  A small, flat stone doesn't seem like enough for the large gravesite and cremation is out of the question. What can we do?

- Several very nice options are our granite pet headstones, granite pet monuments, and our distinctive series pet grave markers.  These stones can be engraved with a photo or just text and are up to two feet in size. Each piece is custom made so if you need something larger, just contact us and we can cut a larger granite piece to size.

For general Frequently Asked Questions about how to use urns, click here

If you have a question that we have not answered, please submit your question to and we will email you back promptly.

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