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We miss our sweetest boy. All our Love Philip, David, Cooper & Ludlow


  Baby1993 - April 26 2009 Beloved pet of David and Janice Powell   BabySo you've gone You have gained the wisdom And you have gained thy flight Our friend always at the door The one who seemed to listen But could not ...


Forever in my heart




Always a loyal friend, keeper of security of the yard around the house. Go in peace "MrBig", until we meet again. I'll be sure to have some treats for you, & once again we'll walk side by side through the green fields that you loved so much.


We love you and miss you!


"We will love you and you will always be in our hearts forever"


Baxter, Always thinking of you and waiting until the day when we can be together again.  I cherish all the time we spent together and all the hours you laid on my chest soothing me when I was stressed out. You will always be my little big man!&...


You filled my life with happiness, my love. I hope you rest in peace knowing I will see you again. My heart aches with loss.


Baxter - You left us too soon. We love and miss you very much. XXXXX Philip & David


May 13, 1992 - October 17, 2008Beau exceeded expectations in every way: in his longevity, his persistence through illness, and the joy he brought with his happy little smile. I was fortunate to be his companion for 16 1/2 years. He made me smile ever...


A True Friend, Companion, Family Member. Always in our heart never to be forgotten. Beau may you receive the rewards of heaven. We love you! Terri, Bambi, Tessie & Baby Robert


Beija my beautiful friend, I miss you. I thank you for all the unconditional love you gave me and for your patience moving from home to home. I know it didn’t really matter to you where you were just as long as we were together. Recently we ado...


      In Loving Memory of     my best friend        Belle              ...


My heart is broken. My little girl will never come home again. She was only 3 years old. The light and the sunshine in our family has been extinguished. Why did I let her go out? Why why why? If I could just go back in time and make her stay in, she ...


Little monkey, fierce protector, Mommy's shadow


Bellota, nariz de corazón, nena linda como te extrañamos todos. Mi corazón se detiene ua cada minuto en que pienso en tí, así como cuando me mirabas, pero ahora con un largo abrazo de tristeza porque ya no est&aacut...


Little Bennett - We love and Miss you so much. Keep an eye out for Baxter, B.J., Cooper & Ludlow. XXXXX Philip & David


In loving memory of our baby Bernie Mac Williams  October 6, 2007- February 12, 2010 You will be loved and missed forever."My Guardian Angel"                   If tears could build...

Big Kitty (BK)

We will love you forever Big Kitty Tonight we lost one of our beloved cats, Big Kitty. Back in 2003 he showed up at our doorstep to chow down on the food I would leave out for the neighborhood cats. In 2004 we decided to adopt Big Kitty (BK) and bring him with us to our new home where he had plenty of places to sleep, eat and relax. Manuel and BK would play fight and most of the time Big Kitty would win especially at almost 16 lbs! He loved laying in the living room on his back with his paws up in the air so everyone can scratch his tummy. He would walk around the house and just talk all the time, such a personality and so much fun to be around. Several months ago he was diagnosed with CRF, we did everything we could to extend his life because we did not want to let him go but tonight his fight was over. Though we were prepared, nothing can ever make the sadness any less hard. In the end really all we would love is to have our happy Big Kitty back with his personality and charm.


Forever one of a kind


  A Quick Note About our neighbors, Cowboy Terry, Karen and Billy:4/02/2008 I chose the Peternity site because it had the loving thoughts and feelings that I was looking for to put on a marker for my dear neighbor friends whom we lovingly...


Binky you are so missed by Mommy but it is just a temporary separation. You are sleeping on our bed in heaven just waiting for us to join you! Al & Dawn Stevens Memorial continued . . .    ...


"A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way."


BiscuitMay 2004 - 2nd May, 2009 Thanks, matey, for your constant companionship over the last 5 years. You had a bit of a rough trot including losing an eye to an ulcer but there was nothing wrong with your hearing; just rustle a plastic bag and you'...


Bitsy Bitsy Boo Boo "Forever in Our Hearts".


B. J. (DABEEGE) 1990-2008 REST IN PEACE A sleek, beautiful body, exquisite eyes, Soft purring at the door. Playful swatting, frequent naps, toys strewn across the floor. With gentle rubs and constant purring you made your presence known And, knowin...


See you in heaven, Little Guy. We miss you so much it hurts. We love you forever.


On what has turned out to what I consider to be the most fortunate day of my life, so many years ago, I found my ever-faithful friend, Blazer. From the moment my mom, dad and I rescued him from that puppy mill, he and I were forever linked as one. I ...


Blitzy, No cat will ever be like you, your cuddles and playing will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. I hope we gave you as much love as you gave us. God Bless You my friend- Johnson Family


Blondie, te quisimos mucho, te vamos a extrañar todos, fuiste muy importante en la familia. Mi niña, descansa para siempre. Espero volver a verte algún día. Me dejas un vacío muy grande y mucha tristeza por tu partida, pero siempre te recordaré con la alegría y el amor que me diste siempre. Te quiero mucho mi niña linda. Mi Blondine.


From the moment we brought you home, you won us over with your big blue eyes. As a puppy, you always kept us on our toes, whether you were chewing up our shoes, removing the kitchen linoleum, or using the kitchen table legs for your own personal chew...


He was the first of many to call the woods home. He was always the leader of the pack. We miss you Blue


To our best buddy Bobo. You will forever be missed, but never be forgotten.

Boo Boo

Forever in Our Hearts we love you...


                      My Mini Lop June 7, 2007 ~ July 16, 2009      ...


In loving memory of my precious pomeranian Boomer Balou aka Boomey. Not a day will go by that I wont think of you and miss you!! wait for me by the mailbox at heavens gate mommy will bring treats ..... <3


We found Bosley in a pet store in April, 1998 (I’ve since changed my mind about purchasing from these “outlets”!) after my very first dog, also a blonde Lhasa Apso named Bailey, was found hung in his cage at only 6 months of age. Th...


From Best Friend to Angel. I love you. Forever & Always.


Brandy came into our lives and hearts in 1990, when we adopted her from the humane society. We remember our first meeting vividly. She was curled up in the corner of the wire kennel paying no attention to the people going past her. A banner “KS...


We miss you Wee Wee, you will be in our hearts always. Love Mommy, Daddy and Brewster!!!!


will never forget and miss her

Brutus Fadness

We loved you, Brutus more than words can say. Daddy, sister and I will miss you so much. Even though our time was cut so short we will Always remember the love and happiness you brought into our lives. We will never forget you, you will be in our hearts forever.


Miller Morgan  Kovou  Click on the pictures above to go to Miller, Morgan and Kovou's tribute page.  ...


Forever in our hearts! A true friend to the end...


Forever in Our Hearts




From the moment I rescued you and you ran straight up to me and gave me that big old slurpy kiss you were in my heart forever. Actually, I think it was you who rescued us! You were our best friend and always, always there for us. We all love you and ...


"Secret tears will forever fall"


Buddy, When I first brought you home, your first task was to make friends with your Daddy, as he wasn't too crazy about cats to begin with. You quickly won him over with your love and affection. You warmed both our hearts and our laps over the last 7...


Our faith full friend, loved and missed forever


A fine "Buddy" Gone too soon. 1999 ? - April 18,2011


Missed so very much but not forgotten


The best family pet we could ask for. He left a paw print on all of our hearts. If love alone could have kept you with us you would have lived forever. Have fun with Jake in heaven Buddy! Until we meet again.


In Loving Memory of Buddy-Rina Seven long years of guinea pig joy: I remember when we "saved" you from that horrible pet store that closed down two weeks later And when we found out you were really a girl your first time at the vets' And how you woul...


To the best dog and best friend I have ever known. Buffy was my beautiful Yellow Lab, a one of a kind dog... so gentle, so loving, so special. When it comes to dogs she broke the mold. Buffy lived a wonderful life. She loved my children and my children adored her. She was sweet, playful. comical, loyal, beautiful, and yes she was spoiled but only because we loved her so... Buffy passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on March 5th 2011 at the age of 13. She died in our arms..... our hearts are broken and she will never be forgotten, she will always be so deeply loved.

Buffy Lou

My Beloved Friend And Faithful Companion

buffy miller

buffy we all miss you so much


Forever in Our Hearts


2/07-1/14/09 I cannot believe that you are gone. I never imagined I would lose you so soon. I'm so sorry buddy. I am thankful for the short time we spent together... but devastated that it had to end. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you. I lo...


From the moment we brought you home, you won us over with your adorable loving eyes. As a puppy, you always kept us on our toes, whether you were chewing up our shoes, or using the dining room table legs for your own personal chew toy. You always loved to be around us, making sure to sit close by to make sure we didn't go anywhere. As time went on and your health declined you were still so content "people watching" in your bed. Even though we had you for sixteen short years, the Lord decided to take you home where you could be that rambunctious puppy again. Burton, we love and miss you more than words can say. We look forward to seeing you in Heaven, where I'm sure you'll greet us with your signature wet sloppy kisses.


We long for your warm greetings as we enter our home, always patiently waiting for us to return home. A loud meow, a soft tickle tail and you resting against us like an old comfy chair. We miss your sweet face and those loving little eyes and would give anything to see you just one more last time to give you our loving goodbyes. Buster you will never,ever be forgotten! We long for the time when we will all meet, up there in heaven, please save us some seats! We love you Buster Brown! Your family, Mommy-O, Daddy-O, Davis & Bryson


My special little nugget. I miss your morning wake-ups, your sneaky snacking, our snuggle time and your warm little kisses. You stole my heart with your unconditional love and affection. Thank you for being such a special part of my life.


Forever in Our Hearts