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My love, my heart, my protector, my entertainer, my Cady-girl. You left too soon. Run like the wind until we meet again.


CaliR.I.P June 17, 2008The sweetest soul in the body of a stray kitten. You didn't receive a fraction of the love you gave in your short life.  You will remain in my heart forever.~ Natalie    ...


Callie1999 - 2009 The story about my life all began on April 21, 1999 ---- and ended August 12, 2009, but what mattered most of all was the “dash" in between those years.    That dash represents all the time I spent with my fami...


Love of My Life

Casey "Bear"

Thank you for picking us to be your family! We will miss your smile. Until we are together again...


December 25, 1995-January 21, 2009 "My sweet Cassie, thank you for being my best friend. You are free to run and see again. You are in my heart and with me in spirit. Forever grateful for you" Your Loving Dog Mom, Lynne     ...


Mama misses you!


You were called home too soon. We miss you so much and will love you always, my sweet little fur face Zilla. A spark that burns so bright in our hearts will never grow dim. Sleep in peace, dear one. We will be together again one day at the Bridge.


CC My beautiful baby girl, you've only been gone 2 whole days now. The pain is so unbearable here without you. I see and hear you everywhere. I catch myself in a flicker, starting to talk to you or call your sweet name. The glimses of you from the corner of my eye are so heartbreaking, I look but you're not there. You brought me so much joy for 15 short years, baby. I can see you now @ 6wks old clearly in my mind like it was yesterday, a little precious bundle in my hands, that creamy white fur,like silk to the touch,those little red ears which gave you your spunk, pretty blue eyes and that beautiful, little pink belly... I wanted you with me for always and always. Time just went too fast. I wanted you to know, Mama misses you so much sweet baby. You will always and always be in my heart, never to be forgotten... ever.


"Mama's little Chach", I miss you terribly. You were my confident, little side-kick, and best friend. You came into my life when I needed you most, and pulled me from my depression. From that day we were bonded for life. I'm lonely riding in the car now, and I miss you greeting me when I come home. I will never get used to you being gone, and I'll wait till the day we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Mama loves you always!


You stole our hearts, gave us love and joy...memories everlasting. We miss you now and forever. Mom and Dad


R.I.P March 17, 2008 'He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.  ...


When Charlie was two years old, his original owner left him with roommates in Hawaii while he completed an educational program in Florida. Sometime later, the owner’s sister found Charlie under the house with no food or water, tangled up in his...


Eternally Loved Forever Missed

Charlotte's baby girl

You are with the angels now. I miss you already so much


Where a warm welcome was a daily routine. You patiently waited for us to return & would greet us w/ that warm whimper of welcome no matter how long we'd been gone it was always the same greeting. I think about what you taught us all. That we should take along some of your soul: faithfulness, compassion,caring, sincerity, patience, such a gentle spirit. You brought us such smiles, laughter & love. That's what you represent in our hearts. Although we may all move from this place that we all shared life together here for so long. As the years pass, no matter where we are. You will always be the brightest star on a Summer night. Colorful leaves in the Fall. First bright bloom in the Spring. Cold wind in the long Winter Even though your final resting spot suited you perfect. Beside the calm quiet stream that you treasured for so many years. Your soul is now w/ other angel dogs that you were always destined to see. Chazzie girl, God sure blessed us with you. You'll always be running in our hearts. We will LOVE you always!!


I love you forever Chekotah, my little baby. You passed too soon. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. :(


You will be forever missed.


Chewie the ChihuahuaDied Thursday 12/3/09 at 13 years of age due to a collapsing trachea"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." Chewie - Its so hard to say goodbye. The decision I had to make on 12/3/09 so you could pass peacefully ...


Rest in PeaceJune 3, 2001 - June 3, 2008 You are terribly missed but I know that you are in good hands. You are in my prayers and thoughts and there's not one day that goes by that I don't think about you. Sheba loves you and misses you too. Na...


2001 -2009 Chia will be missed. She passed away from liver disease. We are already feeling the loss in the house. She filled the house up.   Love,The Jaros Family       ...


  1986 - 2009 Forever Loved and Missed by Tania Williams. He was her best friend and horse soul mate. He was known and loved by the Leona Valley, California Community and far beyond and taught many children to ride and love horses. ...


Our Beloved Pet


I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. You will Always be in my thoughts. Miss You Chinook


I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. You will Always be in my thoughts. Miss You Chinook


I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. You will Always be in my thoughts. Miss You Chinook


Chipper was loved by all that met her and will be "Forever in Our Hearts"


Forever in Out Hearts

Chloe Lambert

You only had 9 years on earth, but will forever be in our hearts. We love you mama.

Chloe Scarlett

Bless you our beautiful beloved Chloe Scarlett- we will love and adore you forever.


choco was a hero....


You will always be our pretty baby boy we will love and miss you forever


  She passed on 06-10-2008. She was not only our Best Friend but she was one of the family and everyone that ever met Chyna fell in love with her. Chyna we love you and think of you all the time.Love,Daddy, Mama, T,T,T, Jerry~Lee and Daisey &n...

Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou Belle, you know you were my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my light. I can't believe you've been gone for seven months now. Coming home to an empty house is so sad and it hits me that you're gone over and over again everyday. I know we were lucky to have you for fourteen beautiful years, but I'd give anything to play rope with you or watch you roll around in the snow one more time. I hope you're at peace wherever you are baby girl. Love Heather


Dearest Cisco. You were such a handsome boy. You came to me as a little kitten whose tail had been savaged by another animal but I always thought you looked rather sweet with a short tail. You and Panther became such good buddies and when he was called back to the otherside in February I think you missed him very much although you were so sick yourself. Now You have gone to be with your beloved friend and my heart aches for you both. I love you and all the others so much.


In Memory of CleoOctober 4, 1989 - May 10, 2009A Week Ago on Mother's Day,Our Siamese Baby Went Away,The Pain We Feel Is Oh So Sharp,Clee Left Our Lives,But Not Our Hearts,We Pray "The Rainbow Bridge" is Right,Together again in a Different Life.Rest ...


You came into my life as a mystery and left as my best friend. Thank you for sharing this life with me. You are forever loved and missed. I hope some day I will see you again.


always daddy's special boy, forever and ever. our love will never die

Coco, Cinnamon, Caramel & Cookie

Just whisper my name in your heart.... I will be there


Missing you baby boy


This picture of Cole was taken a few summers ago in one of his favourite places, the front garden where he firmly believed he was the master of all he surveyed.  Cole Portly was so named as he was always inclined to have a bit of a tum, (not unl...


Cookie Dial 1994 – 2009 Cookie went to doggie heaven this morning to be with her constant friend, Muffie. Cookie was 15 ½ years old and lived a good life. On her last day she had chocolate ice cream and a Carl’s Junior Double Chee...


Beloved Min Pin, Always Vigilant


My Angel Bella Cooper. Just like an angel, you came into our lives unexpectedly and left us just the same when your work was done. You did what you were sent here to do and we will be forever grateful for the happiness and love you brought into our lives. We will love you forever! P.S. Say hi to Simba for us!


Our Little Cooper. We love you so much. You will be forever in our hearts. Now you, B.J., & Ludlow are together. Philip & David