We are honored to help you to create a virtual memorial for your beloved pet. We hope that going through the process of creating your pet's online memorial, and creating a place that you can come back to for many years to come, will help you to begin to heal from the pain of your loss.

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May 14, 1998 to August 26, 2009 It's still so hard to believe she's gone;  I'll never hear her crazy terrier bark when I go home to visit.  She was the typical Jack Russell Terrier, so energetic and happy.  So territorial.  So pr...


Dakota, You will forever be in my heart. From the moment I first held you, you were loved. You were there for me through it all and I can't imagine life without you. You were a puppy at heart right up until the end and it makes it so hard to let you...

Dakota Schaaf

We cannot imagine life without you...


Dawhoo, My big brown eyed loving puppy, we are forever holding you in our hearts. You are missed so much by each of us. Your four legged friends still look for you. Cocoa is at a loss without you to lay by, Fozzy misses his mentor and Jericho, who ...


Denny was what we liked to call our "Jekyll and Hyde dog". One minute he was sweet and loving, the next he would be growling and snap at you. If he didn't want to be bothered, he would let you know it. He had the personality that Lhasa Apso's are oft...


Forever with us Always be my dog


Just over 10 years ago I met my best friend. I had gone to a shelter to look at another dog when the worker told me she had a sweet dog that was about to be put to sleep. I fell in love with this 5 month old puppy at first site. I named him Diesel and he was the sweetest, smartest dog imaginable. We have so many great memories with our Diesel. Last week my best friend died. My family and I are heart broken. We pray we are reunited with him someday.


Sept 30 2011 To our beloved cat "Dime" Today my family’s dearly beloved cat “Dime” passed away peacefully in our home, surrounded by the love and comfort of his family in his familiar surroundings. He would greet us all on Christmas morning ready for us to open presents and let him play with the wrapping paper’s tape. He also loved boxes, he would jump into any box…even if it had something else in it he would find a way to fit himself in it as well. God please take care of my beloved cat, and I pray he is at peace and is without pain. I also hope he is with his mom now, and meets all of our family who has gone before us. I am happy the last words I said to Dime were “I love you”, I will see you again some day, rest in peace sweet boy. With Deepest Love From Your Dad, Aaron Dime 2005- 2011


We miss our baby with every passing day. Our "Bubba Boy" left us with a huge paw print on our hearts! We love him and will miss him dearly! We thank you Peternity for giving us a way to honor and remember our baby!


Till we meet again, rest in peace Beautiful angel. Thank you for making us so happy! We had fun while you were here, didn't we? We always had fun! The house feels empty without you. You were the very best. We love you and miss you so much, Mom, Dad, Colten, Justice, and Siggy


We love you Dogger!

Don Diego De La Vega

You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. May your spirit be at peace. Love, Joe, Sandi and Princess


OUR BOY DUKE We miss you dear Friend See you when we get there . . . 19 years on Earth  ...


Rest in Peace, Pretty Girl, we love you!


"Always In Our Hearts"


In loving memory


"The World's Most Handsome Boy Ever"September 25, 1993 - February 13, 2009"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." ~ Edith Wharton To our sweet boy and his ever present wagging tail. For always being the one that w could turn to and receive uncondi...