We are honored to help you to create a virtual memorial for your beloved pet. We hope that going through the process of creating your pet's online memorial, and creating a place that you can come back to for many years to come, will help you to begin to heal from the pain of your loss.

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Gator Weston

Forever Loved and Missed.


Our great GATSBY. You were a wonderful therapy dog and touched the lives of so many of your clients, you brought happiness to your family everyday. I am grateful I got to spend the last 11 years with you, and for all our walks, and cuddles, days in Central Park, and especially our naps. You were the dog I always wanted, and I hope you will be my guardian angel puppy now. You loved us, and we love you always.


Forever in my heart, always by my side. I miss you my dear girl.


Our sweet furry son.Gone but never forgotten.


My Baby Girl, "If love could saved you, you would have lived forever"


About 6 years ago I had what I considered to be a full family and was not looking to expand on it.  If someone had asked me if I had enough, I would have replied, “heck, yes”.  Well, one of the things that I discovered long ago ...


Such a loving kitty. You lived for almost 20 years. You little purrs made me feel so comfortable when I was sad. I will miss you clawing at my legs to be picked up and petted. All that noise you made when Baggy cat would chase you made me laugh. From the very first day I saw you, I knew I had to have you. You climbed my leg to sit on my shoulders, you had me that day. You were so small and your ears were so big, I knew you had to grow. You and Shadow were inseparable. You running down the stairs just to get enough speed to climb the trees was so cute. And your running, you looked like a bunny. Now you rest in peace my Gidgie kitty, no more pain for you. I hope you and Shadow are back together. MISS YOU VERY MUCH Gidget, Baggy misses you too.


I love you more than words can describe. You will always be my best friend. I can't wait to see you in heaven with Teddy. Love, audrey


Ginger Daddy's Girl Forever Loved and Missed


Forever in Our Hearts


I just can't find any words that can describe Gorse. He was such a loving, sensitive, beautiful dog. The first time he saw me crying he climbed on my lap and licked all my tears. I always miss him, although I always feel he is around somewhere, takin...

Gracie Lucy

So Grateful for Gracie & all her unconditional love!!


Thank you for being in our lives even for a short time. You will forever be with us in our memory and our hearts.


My beloved Maine Coon Grisabel lost her short battle with cancer today. We had been hoping that steroids might shrink the tumor that surrounded her esophagus but alas, it was not to be. Grisabel obviously wanted to live and fought courageously, going through all the medical tests without complaint but this morning I could tell that her poor malnourished body was exhausted so we made the decision to help her on her final journey. Godspeed my darling.


Finally face to face with your Buddha. We wish you a blissful next journey, Guga.