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We miss you so much,we will always love and remember you.GOD will take good care of you our beautiful four legged daughter.Thank you,for so many wonderful years together.


Kaiser was a good boy and a great pet. Kasier was born 10/29/2005 , I held him when he took his first breath. He loved to chase the water when we sprayed the hose, he loved to go for rides in the car to pick up the kids at school. He would sit in the...


"You were my sunshine on the cloudiest of days"

Kalie Ann

"Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts" Our Beloved Pet & Friend Forever Loved, Forever Missed


You will always be my 'Prince'. I miss and love you SO MUCH!


  JoJo, the day I brought her home in the car...the first picture that was taken. JoJo and our other puppy Sammy. This is the last picture of her we got before she passed on.           Kasey, AKA ...


Katie was a good girl. Fun loving and at most times, acted like a dog. She liked to eat cheese and snack, as well as take a few hidden sips of our soda's or waters out of our cups. She was a great companion. She loved to make sure we were happy a...


KatieForever in my heart you will always be my girl. Thank you for being a dear friend.            ...


Never to be forgotten.

Kaya Pozner

Our little girl, you are so missed.


You are forever in our hearts and we will always remember your happy face and bouncy personality!!


Dec 23, 1995-June 14, 2009 I had you since the day you were born. I held your tiny body and claimed you as mine. 14 years flew by and you were with me through all my good times and bad times. You were a puppy til the end, still running up the drivewa...


Kelly May 15, 2000 to July 28, 2008Debby   Click on picture for larger view.  ...


Beloved Friend - You live on in our hearts


to my best buddy. i remember how you used to sit at the end of the driveway and when you saw me walking down the street you would come running to me and meow like crazy. you were the best! Mauskätzchen; wo bleibst du? "Mauskätzchen, was treibst du? In unserem Häuschen Sind schrecklich viel Mäuschen: Sie pfeifen und rappeln, Sie trippeln und trappeln In Kisten und Schränken, Auf Tischen und Bänken; Sie stehlen und naschen Und will man sie haschen: Wupp! sind sie fort!" "Du rufst mich, da bin ich! Sei still, nun beginn ich Ein Tänzchen mit allen, Das soll dir gefallen. Erst sitz' ich, Dann schleich' ich, Dann nah' ich, Dann weich' ich, Dann leg' ich mich nieder, Dann heb' ich mich wieder, Dann schwing' ich mein Schwänzchen Und schnurre zum Tänzchen, Wupp! sind sie da! Sie tanzen im Kreise Auf närrische Weise, Hopp heißa! so munter Hinauf und herunter. Dann fass' ich beim Ohr sie, Dann werf' ich empor sie; Und fallen sie nieder, Dann fang' ich sie wieder. Und will dann die Maus doch Nun endlich ins Mausloch - Wupp! beiß' ich sie tot!"

Kleo Katerina

Kleo kat came in to our home on a snowy Christmas eve day and crossed the rainbow bridge on another snowy day late this afternoon. Kleo passed peacefully with her Daddy and Mommy at her side after a 2 year illness. Kleo was known in the cat circle as well traveled. Kleo visited Disneyworld, The Martin Luther King Jr grave and played on the deck of his boyhood home. She also was a special guest in the bedroom where the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley) was born. Kleo visited the outside of The White House, the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery. She made 5 cross country flights and rode first class a couple times. Kleo visited 21 states by car. Kleo was a gentle spirited kitty, she even spared the lives of a few mice. She was also very opinionated and had fine taste in her food. We love you Kleo and you will always be in your family's heart, you added so much personality to this home and gave so much love. The void will never be filled. 49

Ku'uipo Orme

Ku'uipo I love you more today. More today than yesterday. But I love you less today. Less than I will tomorrow. Ku'uipo, my Hawaiian sweetheart you will be missed. You are forever in my heart.


Love U Forever Always in Draco