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  2002 - 2009 Mable was not the best trained or behaved dog, but she was the most loved and loving dog we have ever known. We would always call her “good girl’ which was rarely the case. Mable loved just being with us especially ...


Thank you for letting me into your heart. You always owned mine.


Our sweet Angel, Madeleine - may you rest in enteral peace. And grace the Heavens with your boundless joie de vivre and love for all creatures.


If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.


All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.


...even though you're gone, your unconditional love will be forever in our hearts

Maggie & Anabel

In memory of our girls, Maggie and Anabel. Maggie was born in 2000 and passed June 2014 and Anabel was born in November 1999 and passed May 2015. No longer by my side but forever in my heart!! Thanks Peternity for an awesome marker!!

Major Tom

Tough Guy, Best Friend, Bon Vivant


Mako. You lived up to your name, you little shark. You will be missed forever and live forever in our hearts. Tough man! But even tough men wear clothes. You proved that!


MarcoJune 10, 2005 - May 30, 2009I miss you Marco, you were sweet. But God took you for a reason. I hope you rest in peace and wait for Mickey and me in Rainbow Bridge. Love always and forever, Jennifer          ...


You were my friend when no one else was. You will always live in my heart. Goodbye, My Friend.


Our dear, sweet Max. You were with me from the day I was born and were as familiar to me as Mom and Dad. You always looked out for us and protected us and it sure feels strange without you. We tell funny stories about you and remember you fondly and ...


February 26, 1996 - August 23,2008 We had 13 1/2 wonderful years together. We were a team. From the first day I brought you home to your last you were the most loving dog anyone could have hoped for. You had a smile on your face all the time, whethe...


Rest In Peace My Beautiful Maxwell

Megan-Lynn Jamieson

Thank you, Megs, my sweet little angel girl, for all the love and devotion you gave to me. I am lost without you. I am crushed and hurting badly. But your mommy will try her hardest to accept that you are in a far better place, and that you are all well and whole again. I yearn for the time of our reunion. Till then, feel my love. May it reach you in the place where you bask beneath golden rays and play in verdant fields. You were and will forever be dearly cherished. Hugs and kisses, your loving mommy till the end of time.


Dear Melody, We wanted to let you know what joy you gave us these past 12 years. When you first came to live with us on August 2, 1998, we knew you were here to stay. People who knew you said you ran so fast it seemed like you were flying, an angel in the making. We love you and miss you. Be good our little peanut. Love, Mom and Daddy


My best friend, my baby girl, the only child I've ever known. I think of you often and miss you everyday. Until I meet you at the bridge, rest well my angel.


15 years ago, someone abandoned their yellow dog at our house. This Monday, we had to have him put down. I wish I could tell the person who dropped him off, you missed out on a really great dog. Thanks for leaving him with us.


Our Sweet Little Angel. We miss you very much.


You were the love of our life. We miss you so much. You brought us so much joy and happiness and left us so sudden. Our hearts are aching with pain. Mommy and Daddy will always love you!!!!!!!!!

Midnight "Russ"

You Were only with us for 3 years but you were a GREAT Pet , YOU ARE MISSED


A loyal dog who lived a long and adventurous life


Our Milo was incredibly beautiful, extremely intelligent and he trained us well. He was our best friend and protector and it was a privilege to have been his parents for the past 10 years. Milo was truly special and we consider ourselves blessed to have been members of his pack. Our lives will never be the same without him.


Our little funny girl, Minnie


Mishi my baby, there was nothing worse in my life than losing you. I wish I could have done something to cure cancer. I love you endlessly. Everyday. Forever. We will find each other again. Mom.

Miss Min

Miss Min: (Cat) My "little shadow" -- Into the shadows she remains, in our minds and hearts,forever as long as light and shadow ever are.


My cat Missy had a very humble beginning. I was on my way to work one spring morning, and heard a very faint "mew" coming from a dumpster next to the apt where I lived. I went over to investigate. There inside was a litter of kittens, all passed away...

Mister Bronx

Forever in Our Hearts


Forever in Our Hearts


If loved could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Rest well my sweet Misty! You were one of a kind.

Misty DeCicco

If love could have saved you You would have lived forever. Rest well sweet Misty! You will live in our hearts forever. LOVE YOU ALWAYS Cheryl and Jenn


Our sweet Mo passed away June 25, 2007. My heart has been broken since that day. He was such a clown and oh how spoiled. He loved his family with a love like no other. He was our constant companion. I called him our "shadow." He loved his family, bu...


Mobey Mobey was two years ten months old when he passed away on February 20, 2010 of liver failure. Mobey was a quiet and thoughtful boy who was loved deeply by everyone who met him. His character resembles the gentle and wise lion Aslan of the Chro...


July 4, 2000-March 19, 2009 Molly was a very gentle and sweet black lab mix. My husband, Mike rescued her from the pound when she was about 6 weeks old. She was a wonderful addition to our family and a great big "sister" for our daughter. On March 1...


                              My dear sweet Molly, You were such a tiny little dog weighing in at less than five pounds but you had a heart and spirit...

Momma Pussy

She was not the sunrise. She was not the sunset. She was the sun.






June 14, 2009 Sir Mortimer, distinguished member of the White Westie Club, peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was 12+ years young. He will be deeply missed by many friends in addition to his mom & dad, Sid Korpi and Anthony Kaczor. ...


Mr. Miles is gone now but in my thoughts still.  He and his brother, Mr. Davis came to live with me on the 28th of September 1991, the day Miles Davis the musician died, so their names were a foregone conclusion! Miles was very handsome and kne...

Mr. Purr (aka Purr & Purr-Cat)

Our Baby...Our Keeper...Our Friend Forever In Our Hearts & Memories

Ms. Deuteronomy Leonard

Deut, instead of choosing who will go to heaven,(like your counterpart in the broadway play, "CATS")YOU are now the chosen one. Perfect choice. With much gratitude to our outside/inside cat, "A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine and the hearth in foul weather."--Judith Merkle Riley


Dear Mudley, We miss you so much since you been gone. We are always thinking about you, little guy. You went thru a lot and you are a survivor. You have been there for us thru the good and the bad and we were there for you. You will always be in our hearts. Mommy and Daddy


Muffie a.k.a. Queenie   I just want to take a few moments to express my grief for the loss of our beloved cat Muffie also known as Queenie. We adopted Muffie and Mr. Muscles (who unfortunately passed away several years ago) in August 1999 from...


Murphy Garris September 20, 1997 – September 1, 2008 Rest in peace, our dear sweet ‘big man’. You were and will always be our most devoted, loving, and faithful companion. Thank you for 11 wonderful years, Murphy. We will see you o...


Healer of My Heart