We are honored to help you to create a virtual memorial for your beloved pet. We hope that going through the process of creating your pet's online memorial, and creating a place that you can come back to for many years to come, will help you to begin to heal from the pain of your loss.

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T.C Your health failed, you were in pain, the decision to put you out of your misery weighs heavily upon my heart and mind. I shall never forget your little meow when hungry, or the look on your face when you tried to roll over. I will even miss you putting your full weight into my leg trying to push me over. Goodbye T.C I will miss you my little garfield looking cat. Rest in piece little buddy.


Taco Gone But Never Forgotten


        TankMost Loyal, Most Brave, Most Beloved8-1-95 to 6-26-09I miss you so much sweet boy. Its been almost 25 weeks since you left me. I am still devastated and cry for you daily. You loved me more thank any pers...

Taz Lopez

Taz Lopez 01/2009 - 07/21/2011 Forever In My Heart


             Teddie   Tiger Dear Teddie, I miss you to this day. I'll never forget how you worked out which window was my bedroom and how you used to climb up the apple tree outsi...


I remember it to be a typical morning, my sister and I running out the door to catch the school bus when we heard an unusual sound. Over and over we heard this "cry-like" noise but could not see where it was coming from. Finally, hiding underneath th...


Our beloved little boy that will be forever in our hearts. We will always love and miss him....


      My Dear and my first DOG I love you so muchThanks for be a great friend, to be with me every moment You are now in a better place 1995-2008        ...


I miss you Buddy. One day we'll meet again.


I just lost my baby..my bestfriend..the best thing in my life..of 6yrs..This cat has meant the world to me..I know it may sound crazy since its just an animal but he was like my child..he was my child because i don't have one..This cat followed me 24...


We love you very,very much Tiny and we miss you each and every day.Thank you for being such a loyal and loving friend all these years.God bless you on your current journey,we will meet again soon.We will never forget you,that is a promise.


I got Tippie when she was 4 weeks old, had to bottle feed her for awhile but I knew then she was my Angel. We did a lot together. Tippie moved from Texas to Missouri with me.. I remember our first snow together. She didn't care for it but she was a t...


"Forever Our Best Friend"


  May 15, 2003 - May 24, 2008My little Tobe Dobe.You were absolutely the greatest cat I have ever known. You had so much spunk and personality. I would call your name and you would come running, chatting away the whole time. You would follow me ...


You'll always be our little man


We had to say goodbye to our lovely kitty, Toonces, during a cold January night. I stayed up all night with her, knowing she would probably not see the morning. We had taken her to the vet repeatedly but there was nothing they could do to save her. S...


You were our first baby. You were always happy to see us. You loved running on the beach. You never met a person or dog you didn't want to become friends with. You were overly gentle with Lucas when he arrived. You were on fire on steep hills an...


Forever in Our Hearts


Trixie, we miss you more than words can say. You were our little girl. You will NEVER be forgotten. We loved you with all our heart and ALWAYS will.




Troy Sakirsky October 1, 2004 - March 2, 2010 It's still so hard to believe he's gone…. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. From the moment we all met you up until yesterday you have provided the kind of unconditional love to our ...


My Boy, Trucie...You were what Love is to me, and Forever in My Heart.


This is our sweet boy, Tugg. We named him that because when first saw him at our local Humane Society when he was only about 8 weeks old, he "tugged" at our hearts, thus his name! He was our faithful companion and friend for 17 years. He passed from ...


  Twix died on the 9th of February, 2009. I miss him so much he was my little angel.  ...