We are honored to help you to create a virtual memorial for your beloved pet. We hope that going through the process of creating your pet's online memorial, and creating a place that you can come back to for many years to come, will help you to begin to heal from the pain of your loss.

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Our Companion Our Friend


You were the best and very loved. The most brave boy I ever knew. We will never forget you


May 28, 1997 - September 9, 2009 Webster was a 12 year old miniature poodle that was very loving and really smart. He loved going every week to Agility Class and for long rides in the car to the pet store. He loved people that he came into contact w...


You were always there to comfort us when we needed it, and you had your own little way of "communicating" with us. When we got you over 18 years ago, I never dreamed that you would still be at home after our daughters moved out. No more will we hear your incessant meows for the heater to be lit so you can bask in it's warmth. There will never be another cat quite so special, and we will love and remember you always.


My faithful friend, you will forever be in my heart. You were such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I love and miss you very much. I hope you get all the Whiskas you can eat in Heaven


Wickett was Born April 12, 2000 and passed away December 15, 2007. He was my best friend and companion. I still cry everyday for him. Thank you for having this site. Kelly Gardner   I'm Wickett's friend Tramp and I'm 3 months old. Aren't...


Everyone who met you loved you. Even the coldest of hearts was seduced by your charm. Dad, the man who didn't like cats, loved you. Every night you would sit with him in the recliner, chew on his feet and steal some snacks. You were one of the family, and I don't know what we'll do without you. Heck, you weren't even our cat at first! You just snuck through the cat door and made yourself at home. You got so sick so suddenly, none of us knew what to do. When you came out of surgery, the doctor was proclaiming what a fighter you were, and how you would make a full recovery. But you died later that night, and I wish more than anything I could have been there with you Will. You were my fluffy lover boy, the toe muncher with the girly meow. How I'll miss coming home and rubbing your belly. But I know without a doubt that you're in heaven now with Judge, and one day we will all meet again. I love you Will, and will miss you for the rest of my life. Love, The Kid


AKC Registered Name: Infinity’s Bra-wi Tawin Windu Please forgive me for not knowing how to take your pain away.  Although I cannot hold you in my arms, I can hold you in my heart forever. "If love could have saved you, you would have l...


My dear sweet boy. You were taken too soon. I miss you more than I can say. I love you so much, little buddy.


                                  January 9, 1994 - April 24, 2009I will always love you Wolfgang. I look at your picture and th...


We always considered ourselves dog people, but then you came to us in the wood pile. . .before we knew it, you had stolen our hearts, and you were ours. What a good cat you were! So pretty, and always such a good listener. It was always cute to see you and Natasha together, and it was assumed Rookie would get along with you too. No such luck, but despite his constant barking, you seemed to think he could be your friend as well. It’s strange to go into your room and not find you there. After all, you were a fixture in our lives for 13 years. Our hearts hurt with your passing, but it makes us smile to know you are once again healthy, playing with your friends Catapiller and Natasha. We love and miss you sweet Woods.


WrinklesMarch 17, 1995 - March 18, 2010 You are one of my oldest and dearest friends and I will never forget the time I spent with you. I'm sorry we held out for so long while you were in pain. I am happy to know that you will never suffer another s...


This Little man was loved by many , but will be missed by all. May he run with his Mom that he has been missing for 6 months.. I love u wyaha and I will miss you dearly..


Our Sweet Girl You always made us smile, even when you were bold. I am so glad you were in our lives.