online cat memorialI remember it to be a typical morning, my sister and I running out the door to catch the school bus when we heard an unusual sound. Over and over we heard this "cry-like" noise but could not see where it was coming from. Finally, hiding underneath the lawn-mower, emerged a frighten and tiny black kitten. His large green eyes dominated his small face. I fell in love!

Named Teddy, he became the king of the household. Whatever Teddy wanted he got! He made his presence known to everyone that's for sure! Bound to be the most vocal cat on the planet, he would "talk" to you over and over until you figured out what he wanted and did it to his satisfaction. He was the smartest cat, always setting off the alarm clock so that I would get up and give him his can of food. If you tried to shut him out of your room, he would sit outside your door "crying" and wiggling the door knob unitl you finally gave in. Teddy would climb in my lap when I was down, licking my face and purring...almost as if to comfort me. I can remember lying in bed and Teddy would come and lay on my pillow as he always did and place his face next to mine. Thats how we slept most nights...cheek to cheek...going to sleep to his purring. Both of us as content as could be.

Teddy was not only known for his vocal abilities and things like opening cabinets and doors, he was also famous for his size! Teddy had unique features, that being a very long face and body. He weighed around 18lbs, and when I picked him up his head would be at my shoulder and his feet at my opposite hip. If I was standing at the sink washing dishes or at the stove cooking, Teddy would come and raise up on me, begging to be held. He would let me hold him for as long as I wanted. I remember actually having to hold him to me with one arm and rinse dishes with the other. He always got his way.

Teddy started getting sick the last year of his life. I first noticed by his weight loss and inactivity. Hyperthroidism and his enlarged heart finally claimed his life. He was my toothless old man, who died in my arms at the vet's office. I'm grateful to have at least been the one with him in his final moments.

To Teddy, my most precious boy,
You are forever in my heart and in my thoughts. There will never be another cat like you. Almost 12 years together you have been my comfort and joy. You have been through many life experiences with me. I smile at the memories only you and I share. I miss you most at night, as that seemed to be our special time together. I miss you. I will always miss you. Thank-you for 11 wonderful years my "big man". See you on the other side...

"Teddy Cat"
1996 - Feb. 13, 2007