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Cat MemorialI just lost my bestfriend..the best thing in my life..of 6yrs..This cat has meant the world to me..I know it may sound crazy since its just an animal but he was like my child..he was my child because i don't have one..This cat followed me 24/7..When i was on the computer he was right on the desk with me,when he was in a happy mood on the desk he would try n chase the mouse on the screen..he also loved laying in my computer chair..when i went to the bathroom that cat followed me n there n waited till i got done..he knew what the door knob was and that it let him out..When i went to bed he did too..this cat would even put his arm over me like he was holding me ..When he got cold he would get underneath the sheets,which we'd always play peek-a-boo..He was sooo human like in many ways..I always said this cat talked to me..He loved cereal,milk,and canfood was his favorites..he especially knew when u was eating a bowl of cereal..he would set there with you and kinda put his paw up like he was wanting to grab some..he loved always laying on my pink purse,papers,boxes,shoes and the clothesbasket..He did not like men!..i've heard of dogs chasing cars but have you ever heard of a cats chasing cars? This cat would see me coming home at the end of the road and follow me all the way to the house behind my car.If he was in the house when i was gone id come home and see him peeping out the window..He was my life now hes my angel in the sky watching over me..Mommy did everything she could for you..Home is empty without you..I love you Tinkles

Samantha Pilkey