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My dear sweet Molly,

You were such a tiny little dog weighing in at less than five pounds but you had a heart and spirit the size of Texas and everyone that met you just could not help falling in love with you.

Molly came into our lives two years ago when my daughter, Emily, rescued her from an elderly woman who could not take care of her. My initial reaction was, "Oh, No!!" She had a few health problems and needed a lot of dental work. But then she looked up at me with those big soft eyes and I could not resist. We brought her back to full health and loved every moment she was with us.

She lived in a house with three other dogs, her cousins Brownie, Luna and her brother Coco. Although she was the smallest dog in the house whenever I announced "Treat Time" she was right there with her sweet little yuck, yuck barking sound and wagging her tail in excitement. Everyone in our family looked out for Molly because she was so small . When it was time to eat, we would hover over her to make sure none of the other dogs would try to take her food. When I would come home from work all the dogs would greet me at the door and Molly was always at the head of the pack trying to squeeze in. I would always bend down to acknowledge her first.

Today when I came home again all the dogs were barking and I had to stop myself from looking for Molly and greeting her first. I miss hearing the pitter patter of her feet running down the hallway towards my bedroom when she would seek me out. Molly came down with a very aggressive cancer and the vet told me as difficult as a decision it would be to put her down that I should not wait too long as her quality of life would worsen. As it was I was hand feeding her as the cancer was in her mouth and had spread to her lymph nodes. I could not bear to watch her reach the point of real suffering so as difficult as it was, Molly was put to rest on Tuesday, Feb 24th. I have never had to put down one of my animals and it was one of the most agonizing experiences of my life but what puts a smile on my face is the fact that we were able to give Molly one of the best days of her life. She ate chicken nuggets and ice cream and basically anything that was bad for She also spent the morning with my son Eric at the beach and he got some precious pictures for me to cherish. My daughter Emily held her in her lap when she was laid to rest which allowed me to crouch directly in front of her and be the last thing she saw before passing.

If Molly could speak to us now I know she would say "Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as it I were beside you, I loved you so... twas Heaven here with you..."