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Cat Tribute My cat Missy had a very humble beginning. I was on my way to work one spring morning, and heard a very faint "mew" coming from a dumpster next to the apt where I lived. I went over to investigate. There inside was a litter of kittens, all passed away but one. They were newborn, less than 10 days old, eyes still shut. I took the little survivor inside, fed her, placed her on a heating pad, and left for work (I had no choice).

On the drive home I was thinking of where to bury her, for surely she would be dead on my return. She was not dead but HUNGRY! I fed her, and in a few days her eyes popped open to see me, and we bonded so big time. She was rambunctious, running thru the house doing back flips off the sofa.

As she grew older my life changed, and I started traveling extensively as part of my job. She has been with me to nearly every state. My faithful companion. Working the night shift, sometimes on my days off, I would not be able to sleep. Missy would be patient until she got oh so tired. Then she would come to the chair where I was sitting, tap me on the knee, as if to say "excuse me" meow at me and take off down the hallway towards the bedroom. When I wouldn't follow she would come back sit halfway down the hall so I could see her, and meow urgently. If I still didn't follow she would come back tap me on the knee with a outstretched paw, and repeat until I finally got the hint. Missy always knew if something wasn't "right." If I had a loss, if I was upset and felt like bawling she would get up on my chest and head butt me and purr. She would take her tiny paw and reach out and caress my face ever so gently.

As the years wore on Missy got older too. At 20 yrs old, she had trouble eating. The vets had no idea what was wrong except she is "just old". While away from home on an assignment, Missy became gravely ill. My neighbor who watched her because she could no longer go with me, rushed her to the vet. I work in a hospital, and I wasn't allowed to leave to come home. I had to wait until my day off. Sadly. Missy passed away one day before I got home. If love could have prevented her passing, she would still be here with me. I miss you sooooo Much Missy Mew!!!!  Mark Austin