Mosleepinglg.jpg Our sweet Mo passed away June 25, 2007. My heart has been broken since that day. He was such a clown and oh how spoiled. He loved his family with a love like no other. He was our constant companion. I called him our "shadow."

He loved his family, but I have to say that food was his second passion! He could hear a potato chip being dropped on the floor from the opposite end of the house. He was always doing something to make us laugh.

Mo was in much pain for the last year of his life and his health steadily declined. We chose to keep him at home and hold him for the last hours of his life. He died in my arms.

Everyone that knew Mo loved him. It makes us smile just to think of him. I know he'll be waiting for us in heaven. We miss you little man.

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  Mo on Christmas  Mo loves ice cream!
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 Happy Birthday Mo!

You're forever loved and missed,

Denise/Ken Powers and family