dog memorialLibby was a very special little girl. When you looked into her eyes, there was a soul looking back at you. She loved being dressed up, and especially loved the holidays, when the house was full of guests. Libby had a darling shrill little falsetto bark. She would also quack like a duck. How I miss her quacking at the gate when I would come home from work.

Libby always seemed too frail for this world - she was not strong, she had breathing problems due to the collapsing trachea common in toy chihuahuas, she had a heart murmur, and her knees would give out. But she was always remarkably cheerful, and took great pleasure in all her activities.

How we miss you, Libby. Those of us who knew you best will never get over you. I can honestly say that when you died, it felt like a part of me died, and I know that I'll miss you for the rest of my life. Rest in peace, little one. We'll see you in the morning.

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