Dog Memorial Our darling "Leo" went to be with the Lord today suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack while at the groomers. He was only a year and seven months old. In that time he had brought so much joy and love to our family. His games and antics were "classic". Truly he was a joy to have and a best friend for sure. Although we are devastated by his sudden loss, we know that all dogs go to heaven and we can only do our part here on earth by burying him properly. We weren't so sure about Cocker Spaniels at first, but now, we can't see having any other dog in the future.

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We came across a poem online at one of the breeders websites and it goes like this:

The time has come for the tears to end for you to be happy and cheerful again. I am safe in God's home above cradled in His arms; covered with His love.

We run and play by the Bridge all day waiting for the day when you'll be here to stay. You've been crying so much I feel bad I want you to be happy and not so sad.

Remember the time when I was so small I couldn't even pickup the rubber ball. I fought that ball from morning to night it made you laugh, I was quite a sight.

Remember teaching me sit and stay we had such fun since I didn't really obey. but you kept at it with test after test so when I entered my first show I was the best.

Remember the great times we had in the past like when we walked to the park we had a blast. We'd run and play all through the park until the sun went down and it got dark.

Remember the times we went for a ride I was so excited I'd jump right inside. Away we went to who knows where but you and I we didn't really care.

I'll always love you, you're my best friend I'll be right with you even to the end. Always remember the great times we had and there will be no reason to ever be sad.

Written by John Quealy

Rest in peace our dear Leo and we will see you someday in heaven and play catch and roll around again like we did when you were here with us.....

We Love You!

Tony, Tina, Lauren, Bridget, Ally, and your entire family.