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online_dog_memorialRoscoe was such a good boy.  He was our little buddy.  We adopted him as a companion for our first dog, but he quickly became our best friend too.  He was very protective of us, and he had a great, intimidating bark.  He was also a big baby.  He loved to cuddle, and he would often give us a little howl if we weren't touching or petting him.  He would lean his head all the way back and give us a look like "why aren't you petting me?"  We called it "backwards head." 

Roscoe's arch nemesis was a tauting squirrel that lived in the cottonwood tree in our backyard.  The squirrel would run across the power line, and Roscoe would go crazy.  He wanted to catch him so badly.  Perhaps he felt a kinship with the squirrel, because Roscoe himself had a big squirrel-like bushy tail.  We c alled it his "squirrely question mark tail."  Roscoe loved to look out the picture window in the living room.  He would get so excit ed upon seeing other dogs or people walking down the street, that once he tried to open the window with his nose and cracked it right down the middle.  He was such a happy boy, and he made us even happier. 

Our beloved Roscoe got sick shortly his third birthday. Within a week his kidneys failed, and he was gone. Watching his health decline was the hardest and saddest thing we have ever experienced.  He brought us so much happiness.  We are reminded of him often, as he had such a large "personality."  At least we had three great years with him. 

We miss you little buddy. 

~Erin and Shaun