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cat memorialSpencer showed up at our front door on a cold December evening. Being only a few weeks before Christmas, we gave him the best gift a stray could ever wish for...a loving home. From day one, Spencer was a mush. You could pick him up and he would start to purr so loudly, soaking up every bit of love and affection. It was like he knew he had been rescued and appreciated all the love he could get. He quickly became known as the "bottomless pit", no food was safe unattended. He would go from his bowl, to the dog bowl, to the other cat's bowl, always trying to get whatever he could. He loved food. If the refrigerator opened, he would be right there to stick his head inside. Spencer was also often more like a dog than a cat. He would come when he was called, followed us on walks with the dog, and would be the first to greet us when we came home. He would hear the garage door open and make sure to be sitting by the door for all who entered. He was a sweetie. Spencer was with us for just short of 12 years. He brought us such joy and many laughs in the time he was with us. It just isn't the same coming home and him not being there to greet us. We are sure going to miss our Spencer. ~Jaclyn