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2/13/00 ~ 07/10/08

Dawn, Michael and Audrey Goddard
Sammy catchin' some rays.

Sammy (AKA "Boog") was just 6 weeks old when I first picked him up. He was such a pretty, playful and loving puppy. He was my puppy soul mate! True love at first sight! He grabbed the heart of anyone who met him. He had a way of talking to you by just the look on his precious face. If he was happy, he wagged his tail. If he was sad he hung his head and looked at you with those big sad brown eyes. If he was upset with you or you hurt his feelings, he would sit facing away from you until you apologized to him. He had more personality than most human beings.

When Sammy was 5 we met what would be his Daddy and Sister. Sammy loved his new family and they definately love him! A bond every bit what he and I had. Sammy was such a huge part of our lives that we feel very lonely with out him. We think of him every passing day...when we walk in the door and are looking for our greeting, when we are watching TV and are listening for the snoring, when we are sleeping and the house is too quiet without the snoring, when we can't finish our plates at dinner and are looking for the left over king, when you want his love and he just isn't there.

Sammy lived 8 1/2 wonderful years. Wonderful for us and I hope just as wonderful for him. We miss him so much that words can't begin to express the feeling of loss. We can only be greatful to have had that little snorting, snoring ray of sunshine in our lives as long as we did. Mommy, Daddy and Sissy love and miss you Boog! You will forever be in our hearts and on our minds.

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