Pet memorials My dog's name was Sky. He was part Lab, Great Dane and Weimerhaner. He was almost nine.

He came into our life before he was even one. He was dumped on the side of our street in a box with six of his other siblings. We found all seven of them hiding behind a tree. His sister was the first to come out and after she saw we were friendly they all came out and I had a field day. I had been wanting a puppy but I did not know I would be getting seven.

We found homes for all but three and kept those, with Sky being one of them. He was the best dog I ever had and my best friend. He was by my side all the time especially when it was time to eat. He loved to do that. If we went somewhere when we got home he was just as excited. He always kept me company when my husband was gone.

When he got sick we took him in on Sunday. He could not walk and lost his bodily functions the vet told us he would not recover and that it was better to put him down. Monday when we went in to say goodbye he was so glad to see us he had the strength to wag his tail. He thought he was going home. Then he laid his head in my lap while they put him to sleep. He loved me so much and I loved him too. I miss him terribly. I will never have another dog because he can never be replaced.