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pet memorialSylvester was the girl cat with a boy's name. There was a church across the street from my first apartment in college. Some kids "rescued" three stray kittens - I think the momma cat had just gone out to hunt - from a hiding place behind the church lockers. My roommate talked me into adopting Sylvester. We fed her with a bottle for a couple weeks until she was big enough to eat wet food. As soon as she was strong enough, she became a little terror! She would get into everything, and everything was an attack approach. She tried my patience on many occasions. As the years went by & my roommate & I separated and I moved into my own place, Sylvester came with me. She was so great as a cat. She could hunt anything, climb anything and she would come when you called her. She used to travel in the car with me from college to home (8 hours) on holidays & vacations. She would even go to the drivethru at Burger King with me. She became my loyal companion - yes I said loyal! Sylvester was my cat - we belonged to each other and had an uncanny understanding of each others moods. No matter where she roamed, she always came home to me. As the years went by & she began to age, she could not longer safely go outside to hunt, so she would hunt my socks & underwear instead. She traveled with me through several apartments, several roommates, other cats & dogs and to my first house. She would have been 17 this July. We held a very strong bond with each other & I love her dearly. Happy hunting in kitty heaven & one day I will see you again.