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Samson was one of the centers of our life. He was our best friend, child and protector. He gave us unconditional love for 14 years. Love that knows no boundries and burns in your soul forever. Samson travelled across the United States with us twice living from Alaska to Florida. Samson was able to run beaches and climb mountains. Samson also endured everything with us from tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

It broke our hearts when we found out about the mass growing on his spleen, it had become part of him. We wouldn't risk the removal having no guarantee of his survival. Samson had a wonderful Christmas and the rest of the winter. We had to let him go in March. Our choice was beyond difficult but it would have been selfish to let him suffer, to keep him with us.

The grief overwhelms me sometimes and our house feels empty. Samson's sister Misha grieved with us as well. We are going back across the US again next month. The trip will feel lonely without him.

Samson will always be in our hearts, mind, and soul. My arms ache to hold you again. My heart mourns your passing. My tears haven't stopped yet.

Samson 1995-2009 We love you forever.
Mommy, Daddy and Misha