I'm sorry I don't have a picture of Fritz. Just a vivid image of him in my mind and in my heart.

Fritz was a Greek stray, spent his entire life in the streets down town Athens, was a companion to marginal people who, too, like Fritz are spending their lives in the streets.

Ten years ago someone dumped a puppy somewhere down town the city of Athens. When it came to my attention I started looking for a home for it but no one wanted a puppy that would grow into a large adult dog. Fritz was a german shepherd /rotweiler mix. So, fate had it Fritz would have to live in the streets. I was with him every day for 10 years, to feed him and give him hugs and kisses but -I'm so sorry to say- not a home, not mine nor anyone else's. I spayed him, vaccinated him, he was getting vet treatment whenever necessary and he'd be a pet for me, to me, for as long as I was there. He'd spot me from afar and he'd come flying towards me, his tail wagging, rotating actually, like crazy his head down, running with all his might with the sole purpose of greeting me. He was more hungry for cuddling than he was for food.

And... last Wednesday 2 days ago I went to the regular spot to meet Fritz. Instead, I met two of the homeless people who live at this spot who looked at me and said: "We had been waiting for you to get here. It's Fritz" How my heart froze and then tears filled my eyes and on my cheeks and just amid my sobs I asked "poison or car?" It was a car. So, I asked again "Did he suffer before he died?" They said it only took him a fragment of a second to die and the car driver didn't stop but just left the scene of his crime without giving any thought to it.

So, Fritz stopped being with me and with his other friends last Tuesday night at 10. At least, if I can think of anything comforting for me, where he is now he doesn't have to live in fear of any potential dangers any more.

I will never forget Fritz and I just hope he will be kind enough to forgive me for being incapable of providing for a decent death or for a more decent life for him. He was not a fool, though. I am sure he knew i loved him. Deeply. Dearly.

Please, if this text is to be published and if anyone reads it, please do something small as it may be but nice as it may be for a stray in your country, in your neighborhood. Pet a stray or any other little thing that you may think of.

In the memory of Fritz, my petted street puppy dog.