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Our Great Dane
11 years 2 months

Our Girl Sadie has been the "biggest" and best part of our family. We have had Sadie since she was 9 weeks old. We did everything with her. She came on all our trips, no matter what the season she was out in it having a ball. Her very favorite thing to do was to find a spot in the sun and stay on her bed outside all day long, getting up only to have a fresh drink of water and then find her way back to the sun. We moved her bed in the yard wherever the sun happened to be. She would come with me on appointments, and to the office, everyone knew her and loved her. She used to stand in the car and stick her massive head out of the sun roof. We got many glances and people pointing at that trick of hers. We loved every minute of it.On our trips to Galena we used to take her into town and so many people including small children would want to pet her.

Year after year we knew we were blessed with a wonderful friend and felt so fortunate to have her in our life. As she grew grayer I always told her she would live forever and I think she tried to do that for me. But... as time wore on so did her gorgeous limbs, ones that once would allow her to run through the fields, tall grasses and snow were now starting to fail her. I would watch her struggle to get up and be a little shaky at her water bowl. We took her to an alternative vet Dr. Adams and she performed acupuncture on her for about two years, every 3 weeks. It really helped for the longest time but then a wall was hit and Sadie was loosing the ability to get up on her own, walk without falling and having some other troubles. We took her to the hospital and tried one last effort, a steroid shot which did not help at all. We had to make the merciful decision for her and let her sleep free of pain and suffering. She went out of this world as she lived, lying on her bed outside in the sunshine where she drifted off to sleep so peacefully.

I am having the most difficult time being home without her, but a harder time leaving. I miss her deeply and cannot say in these few word what she has meant to me. She is in my heart and I know I will see her again one day. Thank you Sadie for all you brought to our life.