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Teddie   Tiger

Dear Teddie,
I miss you to this day. I'll never forget how you worked out which window was my bedroom and how you used to climb up the apple tree outside and meow to come in when you were still an 'outside' stray. How could I resist? We didn't have much time together before I lost you to FIV but you were, and still are, greatly loved for the time we were together.

Always in my heart,



This is Tiger.  He came to me as a stray and was the big boss cat of the outside gang.  He was by far the most loving cat I ever had the privilege of knowing. This photo was taken a day or two before he left me, suffering from Cardio-myopathy. He died in my arms and is forever in my heart.  He had many adventures with his sidekick Jamie who still lives with me and will until his last days.

You left him safe Tiger, you were a great big brother to him.