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I think this was the hardest thing I had to go through in my life. You were my pillow, my bedmate, my buddy, and my loyal companion. I cryed on you when times got tough, you slept with me every night when I lived at home, I couldn't wait to get home just to see you waiting for me at the door, your big beautiful brown eyes just showed the world how much you are loved. 13 years ago we saved you from dying along side the road just to sit now today and wonder why god took you away? You were the best dog anyone could have ever asked for, you always listened, guarded your owners, and gave us 13 wondeful years. Now I sit back today and think, was it due to us getting new puppies to take your place? Was it cause I moved away and you didn't have no one to sleep with anymore? I feel like we took you to the vet and dropped you off to die. You probably wondered what you did wrong. I'm sorry Lucky Bear I really am. We just tried getting you help!!! I love you so much and will miss you everyday buddy -please don't forget that.

May 15 1996 - RIP - June 8, 2009