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In Loving Memory
June 9, 2000 – July 5, 2009

You will always be with us
Tish & Jim
aka Mom & Dad
Our baby, baby, Sydney’s, time with us is over. After a brave and inspirational fight against cancer, Syd succumbed to a major fracture in an affected leg late on the 4th of July and had to be put to rest.  She had been making great progress towards beating her melanoma as a result of a miraculous find, Pau D’Arco tea, but this was not to be the battle that took her from us. In April, Sydney was diagnosed with what was suspected to be a second cancer, an osteosarcoma, in her knee that would prove to be the hurdle that she could not clear. Whether she was able to beat the cancer in her knee with the tea or not is uncertain, but the structural damage that had been done proved too great to avoid the fracture. She died at 1:15 a.m., early Sunday morning with us by her side showing her how much she was loved.

Although Sydney's time with us was short for a lab (only 9 years), she led a life most dogs dream of. Sydney was adopted at 8 weeks old out of the North Valley Shelter. She was raised along with her friends Lotto, Buddy, Sandy, and Kodi romping weekends on her Uncle Ron’s deck overlooking Hermosa Beach (and once cops weren’t looking after the sun went down, running on the beach). When at home in Century City during the week, she had another posse at the dog park, where Syd quickly took to tennis balls and would prove to be quite the wide receiver. Sydney could catch a ball on the fly on a dead run 100 feet away. Her retriever instincts wouldn’t stop there. She turned out to be a natural bird-dog during her first dove hunt and seemed to really come alive in the field. She loved to chase the usual dog nemesis like cats and squirrels, and was feared by all the ducks down here in the canals. But it was all fun and games for Syd, for she lacked the killer instinct to do more than play. 

She was an outdoor lover and would winter in Mammoth...

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