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cat memorial
Muffie a.k.a. Queenie


I just want to take a few moments to express my grief for the loss of our beloved cat Muffie also known as Queenie. We adopted Muffie and Mr. Muscles (who unfortunately passed away several years ago) in August 1999 from a local shelter after the loss or our rabbit, Maggie May. Muffie and Mr. Muscles brought so much joy to our lives until Mr. Muscles suddenly feel ill and passed away in June 2002. After his loss, Muffie (Queenie) was always there for my husband and I. She brought so much to the house and made us laugh when we wanted to cry. We then adopted another cat from a shelter and well, Manuel and Muffie didn't always see eye to eye, they learned to get along. After a few years, we then adopted our 3rd cat, Big Kitty and our house was complete.

Since 2004 my husband and I were overjoyed to have all 3 wonderful (in their own way, of course) cats in our household. Muffie was always the boss and no one messed with her because when she wanted something, she got it. Muffie definitely earned that nickname of Queenie that's for sure. Even when my mom would watch the cats for us, Muffie was always right there wanting attention and food. Whenever we made chicken for dinner it was just understood, a piece must be saved for Muffie, oh how she loved her chicken.

Life was good until the dark day hit, September 3, 2009. The previous week and half we noticed that Muffie wasn't really eating as much as she use to and even though diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, she always had a hardy appetite. She started to look very thin, her back legs seemed shaky, her breathing seemed more difficult, and I guess the clincher was she no longer wanted that chicken. She then stopped eating and I called the vet immediately. She had a scheduled vet appointment already, but I was so concerned I made that emergency phone call. My husband dropped her off first thing in the am and we held out hope that it was just a little bug and she would be back before you know it. Her blood worked seemed to be very good, however the doctor was concerned as to why she was dehydrated and throwing up, but my husband and I were very hopeful, Queenie would be coming home the next day. Then September 3rd came, the vet called my husband in the morning and said the x-ray told the story, our beloved Queenie had cancer. The cancer had spread from her lungs to her stomach. My husband was kind enough to spare me the news until I got home from work. A decision had to be made and that was the worst thing possible. I thought "what happened here, she was fine only a week or so ago how could this happen". We confirmed with the vet and it was true, she was filled with cancer and the only thing was to attempt a feeding tube but since she kept throwing up they couldn’t insert it. There was no hope, so at approximately 6:40 PM EST, our so very much loved pet was gone.

As I sit here crying, I hope that my story will touch someone else going through a similar experience.  I know they say it will get easier in time and I know that is true, but right now all I feel is sadness. In the end, all I want to say is I so very much miss my Queenie.

cat memorial cat memorial