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May 14, 1998 to August 26, 2009

It's still so hard to believe she's gone;  I'll never hear her crazy terrier bark when I go home to visit.  She was the typical Jack Russell Terrier, so energetic and happy.  So territorial.  So protective. I'll never forget her birthday since it was just one week before mom's and we always celebrated it with presents too.  And now, I'll never forget the day mom & dad decided that she shouldn't have to suffer anymore:  it was the day I was showing my new horse in a halter class.  The horse I went straight to and cried my eyes out, giving her the hugs I wished I could have given Daiquiri before she became an angel. 

Mom named Daiquiri and she was our first (and only) indoor dog.  Her dog hair went everywhere you went because it was so short and stuck to everything.  We even had to buy covers for the furniture.  Daiquiri loved treats and I'm sure it was what eventually hurt her.  She knew exactly when hot dogs were being served, she could tell when you were turning the grill on.  She had to have one.  If we were having eggs for breakfast, she had to have a small bite too.  She loved sugar cookies at Christmas.  She even got into a whole dish-full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups one year and I don't know how she didn't get sick.  She survived an emergency surgery when she was just two months old.  What a little fighter she was.  She "helped" out with the yard work.  More importantly though, she always stuck up for whoever was being yelled at.  It didn't matter if you were in the wrong:  you always had Daiquiri on your side and she let you know it. 

She was there when I cried my eyes out and snuggled when I was sad.  She cuddled up in the bend of your knees when she was cold and buried her cold little nose under the blankets if you didn't tell her to "get under here" first.  That's what I'll miss.  I miss you so much Miss Daiquiri. 

Love, "your big sister",