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pet memorialsMr. Miles is gone now but in my thoughts still.  He and his brother, Mr. Davis came to live with me on the 28th of September 1991, the day Miles Davis the musician died, so their names were a foregone conclusion!

Miles was very handsome and knew it!  He could also be kind of ornery, just like his namesake but he was extremely talented too.  Not at tricks as such, but just being a great big handsome cuddlebucket, as long as it was on his terms!  He had a strange creaky kind of meow which I hear to this day.  When he was just a few months old he fell from a window and broke his back leg quite badly, he was very brave and pulled through but he had to put up with a lot.  Then when I moved in 1994 he managed to get lost for six weeks in the new neighbourhood but I never gave up hope and eventually he was found.  He was skin and bone as fending for himself obviously wasn't his forte but from the day he came home he never went more than fifteen feet from the building or his food dish!

He was the king of the house and all the other cats knew it.  It was a relatively benign dictatorship as long as none of us stepped out of line.  He was such a character, loved and missed to this day.  He lived with me for almost 16 years but will be in my heart until the day I die, when I hope I'll see him again.

~ Carol Downes