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For Abi, A Dog Who Graced Our World October 19, 2001 – October 10, 2009

All About Abi

From Puppy Toes to Abi Boo,
She’s so precious through and through!
Princess Puppy Head, Daddy’s Girl!
Cutest Boo in the whole wide world!
Head like a block, hard as a rock,
Always ready for a Walk!
Sneaking licks on faces and toes,
Slobber and Smiles wherever she goes!
Eyes, nose and fur the same color red;
Keeping my feet warm in the bed! 
Pac Man jaw and Goofy Smile,
Shaking her booty like it’s going out of style!
Greeting friends, old and new,
Face flaps as she runs to you!
Ice cream cones at Twistee Treat,
Soaking up the Florida heat!
Cold, dark winters in “Da A”,
Perfect for cuddling up all day!
Abicus GalupaHead,
Happily adopted when Mommy wed!
So many people love the Baby Boo:
Mommy, Daddy and Grandma (just to name a few!)
She’ll be missed very much in our lives,
But somehow, still the sun will rise!
Too soon this world she did depart,
But she’s still smiling in my Heart!

~Carrie Hartzell, 11 October, 2009

I’m blessed with the beauty of the day,
A fitting mix of sun and clouds.
I will choose to celebrate Abi’s life.
The sweetest soul I’ve ever known!
So beautiful, perfect, loving, trusting…
Guiding her through the world
Left my world forever changed.
I am honored to share her life!
The ferocious red-nosed pit bull –
Afraid of ocean waves, storms and brooms.
Calm, quiet, relentless!
Stay-and-Come, her favorite game…
Charitable walks for Cancer, Diabetes, the Humane Society,
A model citizen (aside from the occasional panty raid!)
Romps in tide pools at the beach,
Grandma’s House, Road Trips, Parties!
Abi working the room like no other,
Spreading joy and sunshine
Everywhere she goes!
~Carrie Hartzell, 9 October, 2009