hampster memorial

hampster memorial

In loving memory of our London who we love so much. London will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Although her "official" name was London, she quickly became known as our little Twiddly.  Twids lived to a ripe old age of 27 months, which is pretty good for a dwarf hamster.  She was a great hamster and a greater friend.  She waited for me each night to come home from work and take her out.  I would give her a peanut still in the shell and she would run through her tubes looking for the perfect hiding place.  Although, she would eat only one of peanuts that was in the shell, and always leave he other!  I would hold her in my hand and she would run to the crook of my arm and sit there.  Her most favorite snack in the world was homemade corn muffin.

Her favorite sleeping place was inside her coconut.  I would give her some fluff and she would spend the next 2 days making the biggest, softest nest you ever saw!  I quickly learned to limit the amount of fluff I gave her because her nest would just keep growing until she couldn't even move around it!  Every so often I would have to clean the old nest and give her new fluff which she did not appreciate at all.

She developed a swollen belly over a couple of weeks and died from complications.  I held her right through the end.  She passed knowing she was loved.

We found out later that she had ovarian cysts and a blocked ovary.

She is survived by her friends Rosie the hedgehog, Shadow and Daisy the cats, and Emylou and Pipin the Guinea pigs.

I miss her deeply.