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In loving memory of Scuzzbopper
May 1990-October 21st 2009
Scuzzy was one of the toughest animals I have ever known. He survived being hit by a car, falling and paralyzing his tail, and numerous cat fights. Since I was eight years old, he was a dear companion to me. When I was sad, he would comfort me. When I would walk outside, he would always follow, happily trotting alongside. As the years went by, I never realized how he became so entwined with my own personal idea of what home is. He was a part of my parents old farm house. When no one else was home, he gave a sense of warmth and life to an otherwise empty building.

Over time, I moved away to college, got married and moved furthur away still. Though my life had so many transitions, there was always home, and there was always Scuzzy. He was always there to greet me when I came home to my parents.  As I would sit, he would immeadiately be in my lap, that familiar weight warming me and reminding me that I was home.

God blessed us with a truley wonderful pet. Scuzzy will be dearly missed by me, my parents, and the rest of our family.