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Most Loyal, Most Brave, Most Beloved
8-1-95 to 6-26-09

I miss you so much sweet boy. Its been almost 25 weeks since you left me. I am still devastated and cry for you daily. You loved me more thank any person or animal I have ever known. Almost 14 years of utter devotion. I will never again have that. No dog will ever match up to you my best boy.

The day I picked you, you were one of the 3 last puppies. I wanted you for my two year old son: so that you could grow up together. One of those little puppies growled at me: Not taking him. #2 was a little sweet girl but I wanted a boy for my boy. Then you #3. So sweet and quiet and the most soulful eyes I have ever seen on a dog. Wise beyond your years. I took you home at 4 weeks and hand fed you homemade chicken and rice. You became my dog and you were loyal to the end.

Oh Tank. I miss you so much that my heart feels broken. I feel so guilty and wish I could take it back. You almost made it to 14 years old but that horrible tumor came back after just 6 months making it impossible for you to even take a poop in peace.Your back legs would give out and I had to wipe your bottom after you went to bathroom but I didn't care. It seemed to perfectly reasonable and the right and honorable thing to do for you but I haven't stopped crying since. I miss seeing you as soon as I come home laying in your special spot. Dragging yourself up to come greet me. Waiting patiently for me to come to you if the other dogs were in your way. You were always the best most loyal boy and I love you the best out of our dogs.

I miss you following me EVERYWHERE I went. Even to a different room. Even to the bathroom. Always waiting so patiently for a loving word , a hug or pat on the head. A scratch in your favorite spot. I miss you jumping up and acting like a tough old man when the other dogs were play fighting. I miss you chasing big ole pit bull Joker and him running away from you. I miss giving you your special treats every day. This is the worst thing I have gone thru and I have been thru human deaths. I would give anything to have you here besides me.

I love you so so so much my sweet boy and I can't wait until we are together again.


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