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pet memorialsSpooks was a rescue dog. She was shy, but it wasn't long before we became friends. Her favorite treat was a hotdog, and once she got used to being in the house, She learned to wait by the fridge until I would grab a turkey dog and hand it to her. She looked so silly with that turkey dog sticking out of her mouth like a cigar!
Spooks carried some battle scars, and I often wondered what she went through to get them before I brought her home.
She was smart, and was teaching me her Boxer ways so I could be as smart as she was! One of her favorite things to do was to hollow out a spot in the yard just to bask in the sun and get dusty. That way she'd be sure to get a nice rub down before shecame back into the house.
Spooks couldn't tell me she was sick, and sadly by the time we got to the Vet, it was too late to save her. She came home in time to be in her favorite place before her spirit left the earth.
I'll miss Spooks even though we didn't get to spend a long time together. She brought a smile to my face every day. She was a good dog, and we all know that All Good dogs go to Heaven....