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pet memorialsOn October 15, 2007, we had to say good-bye to the best dog who ever lived. Our Golden Retriever, Eddie, was one of those rare dogs who just leaves you amazed at how great he was. He was never one to get into anything, he never chewed what he wasn't supposed to, he never messed in the fact he would run, lickety-split, all the way to the doodie field instead of going in the yard! He was one remarkable dog.
But the best thing about Eddie? He loved us...he loved us with his whole heart. Anywhere we were, he wanted to be. His favorite word in the human vocabulary was "bye-bye!" He would get so excited his whole body would shake. Once he was in the car, he was in heaven! He would bark at the horse-drawn Amish buggies, bark at other dogs, then sit back all satisfied like everything in his world was just perfect. Then we'd head to Burger King for his "bye-bye" treat...a hammieburger! Oh boy...did he love those!

We had Eddie for 13 years....a wonderful crazy happy 13 years. I hope there is a heaven and that it allows dogs. I want to scratch those big golden ears once more and tell him I love him.

I miss my boy....
Carol & Fabian ~ Mommy & Daddy to Eddie