Where a warm welcome was a daily routine. You patiently waited for us to return & would greet us w/ that warm whimper of welcome no matter how long we'd been gone it was always the same greeting.
I think about what you taught us all. That we should take along some of your soul: faithfulness, compassion,caring, sincerity, patience, such a gentle spirit. You brought us such smiles, laughter & love. That's what you represent in our hearts.

Although we may all move from this place that we all shared life together here for so long. As the years pass, no matter where we are. You will always be the brightest star on a Summer night. Colorful leaves in the Fall. First bright bloom in the Spring. Cold wind in the long Winter
Even though your final resting spot suited you perfect. Beside the calm quiet stream that you treasured for so many years. Your soul is now w/ other angel dogs that you were always destined to see.

Chazzie girl, God sure blessed us with you. You'll always be running in our hearts. We will LOVE you always!!

10/2/94 - 9/7/10