"You were my sunshine on the cloudiest of days"

1-17-1999 - 5-30-2011

I got your ashes home today and it is hard to believe that all of you could fit into such a tiny box. You were such a magnificent dog who stood so tall and proud. You took such pride in watching over all of us and making sure, we were safe. You never complained or cried even in the end in your last moments you tried to sit up and be strong, which broke my heart to watch. I had you for over 12 years, which I've heard, is so long for your breed's lifespan but selfishly I wish I could have had you with me forever. I still can't believe you are gone but you know I whispered in your ear, that I was so glad you waited two weeks for me to come home from vacation to say goodbye. I only wish I knew I had less than 24 hours to be with you. I've looked over all your puppy pictures and laughed and cried, remembering how your ears wouldn't stand up, flopped over clumsily, and landed in the middle of your head. You were such a handsome boy with the softest fur I could ever sink my fingers into black and light beige, but most of all I loved your ears. You looked like bunny rabbit when you were a puppy because they were so big, but you eventually grew into them in the end. You never had any concept of how big you were since you always tried to sit on my lap during a thunderstorm afraid of that big dog in the sky. You always had a fascination with putting your paw in your water bowl to tip it over, and you loved kicking my bed in the middle of the night while dreaming of chasing something in your dreams. You always had such a young spirit and never seemed to get old since you always loved to play tug of war with grandpa and run outside up until the day you died. I miss our late night talks and all your talking back, grunts, and groans, you always seemed to understand me so well with those warm brown eyes. You also always seemed to know when I needed you most, and you never left my side especially when I was sick. You laid next to me for every paper I wrote for school and kept me company in both good times and bad, you were my shadow. The house seems so quiet without you and sometimes I still think I can hear your paws run across the floor. I miss you terribly but I know one day I will see you again and get to tug on your ears and kiss your soft head. I loved you dearly from day one of you attacking my shoelaces with your pointy little puppy teeth. I thank God I got to share my life with you were my very best furry friend. I know deep within my heart that you were an angel sent from God and because of you; I have no doubt that there is a Heaven because I know you are there waiting. I am sure you are chasing and playing with lots of other dogs lost and gone from this world who were deeply loved by their owners too. So chase those rainbows Kais and I will try to remember how you kept the clouds away for so many wonderful years.

You will be forever in my heart my little "Roo Roo"
Big xoxox

PS I kept your favorite toy "your garbage man" I'll try to remember to bring it with me when we meet again