Our Beloved Jake
December 18, 1997 - December 31, 2008

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We lost our big baby boy a few days ago, Jakey was not in any pain but we knew that he was starting to suffer to some degree. We believe he had some sort of episode boxing day, maybe a stroke, from then on Jakey deteriorated.  His mobility was very poor due to the vast weight loss over just a few days. My wife and I would hate to think Jake was suffering and this was beginning to become the case so we made the very tough decision on New Years eve to have Jakey put to sleep at home so that he did not suffer anymore.

Jake was a very loving, sweet, happy, faithful, beautiful big baby who everyone that met him fell in love with him.  We miss Jakey more than words can say and he will forever and always be  in our thoughts.

Love and miss you pup, Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxx

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