Sept 30 2011 To our beloved cat "Dime"

Today my family’s dearly beloved cat “Dime” passed away peacefully in our home, surrounded by the love and comfort of his family in his familiar surroundings. He would greet us all on Christmas morning ready for us to open presents and let him play with the wrapping paper’s tape. He also loved boxes, he would jump into any box…even if it had something else in it he would find a way to fit himself in it as well. God please take care of my beloved cat, and I pray he is at peace and is without pain. I also hope he is with his mom now, and meets all of our family who has gone before us. I am happy the last words I said to Dime were “I love you”, I will see you again some day, rest in peace sweet boy. With Deepest Love From Your Dad, Aaron

Dime 2005- 2011

2005 - 2011