Coco, Cinnamon, Caramel & Cookie

Just whisper my name in your heart.... I will be there


Our sweet sweet pups; Coco Puff, Cinnamon Bun, Caramel Crunch & Cookie Dough:

They say, "It's a gift that we could take away your pain" the true gift is the unconditional love and joy you gave us since you joined our family.

It was the most difficult decision we've ever had to make. Now these days without the pitter-patter of your paws throughout the house breaks our hearts and brings tears to our eyes.

Going through pictures and reminiscing of playful days. Cuddling in bed or curled up on the sofa, birthday parties, haircuts & Christmas photos & running in the snow. Coco, you were always protecting us with your bark and watchful eyes. Cinnamon, you were the mother of them all with your caring ways. Caramel, you had that crazy howl every time the phone rang and our little Cookie you battled cancer and won us all over with your loving licks.

Oh how you all - will greatly be missed !

Coco Puff & Cinnamon Bun
RIP - 7.4.98 - 9.26.11

Caramel Crunch
RIP - 8.10.01 - 9.26.11

Cookie Dough
RIP 6.27.95 - 9.26.11

I look to the sky every second for a sign that you all are happy and at peace. My heart breaks that we could not do more for you and as hard as it is to say we find comfort in knowing you are all together as you always have been and always should be!

Run pain free through the fields of heaven. Eat & drink as much as you can. Chase those frogs, lizards and squirrels. Sprawl out on the couch and rest in peace knowing you are in our hearts forever.